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The future of #bethechange is creating more and more educational and inspirational events that help change people’s mindset to start taking action.  


Our goal is to reach hundreds of thousands of people and raise a million dollars to charity by then end of 2023.


The founder of #BeTheChange is an experienced professional speaker and has spoken to crowds of 50 to 75,000.  He has created a 7 figure business with zero capital and over the years been a part of the entrepreneurship and entertainment community.  He utilizes his ability to create powerful events with the help of weight loss and fitness gurus, risk takers, entrepreneurship community and all of those who have overcome a struggle and have a great story to tell. The common denominator is Self-Responsibility.  In order to change the world you have to first change yourself, then you can be ready to change the world around you. This is part of the educational process of #BeTheChange


We look to not just #BeTheChange but to also enable others to do the same. 


We strive for positivity over everything else and we still believe the golden rule exists.

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